How Digital marketing is changing and how to take it to your advantage
What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is businesses that are marketed online that bring leverage digitally through their target market to connect with their prospects and converting them to a customer. 
I would explain by looking at a 60-foot view, a bigger picture of how everything works and the numbers. It would make things more clear and to see where the market is going. How the top 1% of businesses spend their capital on and has consistently bring ROI over the long term. When facts change the business must adapt to the change or else it would be in trouble or potentially be wiped out. 
Digital Marketing has changed the way we do businesses. The market is getting more competitive and a business isn’t as costly to start now verses back then when brick and motors stores are around and people would have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a business or franchise. 
1. Higher Engagement  
Marketing Funnels has changed over the years and if done correctly it will strike a marketing message and it would call out the people in the market to take action. We are not talking about the offer or the copy here, although that is just as important; using an effective marketing funnel throughout the customer’s value journey is necessary to close the prospect to a customer. 
2. Measuring Results
In the old way of doing business, to gain exposure you have to put ads on the magazines or distribute fliers maybe they are still doing it now and that is hard to keep track to measure success marketing. Successful marketing means every test should be a science experiment and measured over time. 
This can be tested and tracked over time.
3. Cheaper to advertise online
 Printing massively on magazines can work when done correctly but it needs a lot of marketing budget and consistency to make it work. Most businesses aren’t willing to make this sacrifice which investing in digital ads work more efficiently and less risky. 
Digital ads when running can face with many challenges when starting out, making adjustments and tweaking ads according to data is easier. 
This shows that Blue Fountain Media found a winner investing in digital ads and that print cost a lot more money when delivering in print. 
4. Bigger Audience Range 
Traditional Marketing is limited in many ways one of it is the inability to go beyond your local audience. With Digital marketing you can use customized campaigns to reach local and international markets, which depends how far you go.
1. Brings higher ROI over time
In marketing using paid ads are important when scaling your business. Facebook ads allows retargeting and creates an omnipresent to your prospects, when surfing on the web or checking different media. This can be tracked and measured over time, with the correct data point to know fully where the prospect in the value journey using pixels. 
2. Sales Reps on support
When taking the prospect from the value journey to the close, a sales rep needs to be there to answer the prospects questions and sell them what we have to offer. This isn’t just customer support; this is qualifying the prospect to see if they are the right fit for what we do. 
This applies to this one principal.
For every additional customer, the experience must get better.
The big reasons why small or big companies fail or lose potential growth is not making the customer experience better, when lets say Starbucks have a long wait time in the shop they have process by creating a drive thru to speed up the customer’s journey better and more efficiently which therefore increases the bottom line of their sales tremendously. Brick and mortar stores are slowly migrating it to the online presence not only because there can only be a number of people in a given time which slower the process of customer’s journey but the customer experience these companies face gets worse. so therefore they have to make a switch, and they have to make a switch fast. 
Done for you services “DFY” can only take on so many clients in a particular month. Lets say a car shop can only take on more cars/ month then usual, the less time mechanic works on the car, the results gets worse therefore the worse customer experience and less customers will go to the shop to fix their car.
Look at this other scenario, 
This is why amazon has perfected their sales system and it runs like a machine. The process starts at having sellers, then the delivery is consistent, great number of selections which therefore having a better customer experience, increases more traffic and bring in more customers.
With this system, this can be scaled and be turned into a beast and nothing can stop it from happening. All business should emulate and copy this system, to not have a linear but an exponential growth instead. 
You might be asking why has this got to do with Digital Marketing and changing the face of how business is being done. It has a lot to do with it, it isn’t just a one-question solution but many questions need be asked in order to build an intrinsic valued business. This is just a small part of an equation of a much bigger picture, everything is correlated and focus on the customers and give what they want the rest will follow.

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