About Chentopia Corp
Problem- Traditional businesses is failing, and the businesses that don't evolve gets wiped out.

Mission- "Over achieve clients expectations and ultimately build and intrinsic valued business".

We understand it can be challenging for small business to take it to next level. When a business is structured properly, we believe it is necessary to focus what we are best at and help the customer end to end to bring the best customer experience.
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Why is Traditional business failing and how small business can prevent it
Written by Matthew Chen
What is the market need, it is solving a problem that the market has already or will have. It’s easy to get distracted by the technology and quick fix by not focusing on the main problem itself. What does this client or customer’s current situation and how can we position ourselves to solve that problem by taking them to their desired state...
How Digital marketing is changing and how to take it to your advantage
Written by Matthew Chen
Digital marketing is businesses that are marketed online that bring leverage digitally through their target market to connect with their prospects and converting them to a customer. ..
Once Survival Needs Are Met, Make Short Term Sacrifices For Long Term Successes
Written by Matthew Chen
Today, the trend is that business leaders are sacrificing their business' long term success for quick, immediate results. This is done when they implement short-sighted --
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